Episode 106

Published on:

15th Apr 2024

Defence Lawyer to Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy and her fight against the Death Penalty. Introducing Karen Conti.

Karen Conti was a young and inexperienced attorney when she spent 7 months as part of the legal team representing serial killer John Wayne Gacy in his final death row appeals. A time that defined her professional trajectory. 

We discuss societal aspects of criminal infamy, including the consequences of giving attention to nefarious individuals and the importance of redirecting attention and funds from capital punishment towards crime prevention. 

Further, we reflect on the difficult balance for an empathetic lawyer between professional duty and public scrutiny. Karen offers sage wisdom on self-worth and living by one's own values, while also sharing her experience dealing with dangerous minds, their manipulation tactics, and the significance of surrounding oneself with positive influences.

For a deeper understanding of these topics and an inside look at Karen Conti’s professional journey and her book, "Killing Time with John Wayne Gacy", make sure to tune into our compelling conversation that moves beyond the flashy headlines and into the essence of our humanity.

Content note:  This episode contains sensitive content, discretion is advised

Guest links: https://www.amazon.com/Killing-Time-John-Wayne-Gacy & www.karenconti.com 

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